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31 Blade Meat Tenderizer, Includes Delivery

31 Blade Meat Tenderizer, Includes Delivery
31 Blade Meat Tenderizer, Includes Delivery


  • Make Your Meat Tender and Easy to Absorb Flavor
  • High quality and safe design
  • Reduces cooking and marinating time
  • Easy to use
  • BPA-Free
  • FDA Approved
  • Safe locking ring


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31 steel blades make this kitchen tool not only beautiful and durable, better than mallets and hammers. Blades create tiny heat channels within the meat reduces cooking times resulting in much more juicy and flavourful meat with no loss of natural juices. 31 steel blades and ABS plastic. Tenderizer has a Lock Mechanism for safe storage and usage.

Just press several times, the sharp blades penetrate meats up to 1 inch. Tenderizer can make even the toughest piece of your meat very toothsome, soft and tasty. Just soak in warm soapy water after a few minutes and wash right off with the help of the brush.

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