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The Perfect Pancake Pan, Includes Delivery

The Perfect Pancake Pan, Includes Delivery
The Perfect Pancake Pan, Includes Delivery


  • Four batter slots
  • Fast, oil-and-butter-free, spatula-less means of making the perfect pancake
  • Flat fold-over lid for flipping halfway through
  • Also works with eggs, making them the perfect size for insertion into a breakfast sandwhich


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Lovers of breakfast foods create the perfect pancake every time with The Perfect Pancake Pan. 

Since breakfast was first invented, chefs have engaged in a never-ending quest for a way to make round, fluffy, uniform pancakes. The Perfect Pancake pan was designed with this struggle in mind. Pour batter into each of the circular wells and place the pan on almost any type of stovetop. Give it a flip to brown both sides before opening up the pan to reveal four evenly cooked flapjacks that are eager to soak up syrup. Thanks to the pan's nonstick coating, the pancakes easily slide out without the addition of butter, oil, or breakfast-grade WD-40. This innovative piece of cookware also lends itself to cooking eggs, quesadillas, and hot sandwiches.

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